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Bald River baldscape

#urbandictionary and #wikipedia explain the term #baldscape as The art of taking a #picture #video or other image of a view which includes a little bit of #baldy head as part of the foreground, typically used by bald men to include a picture of the top of their heads with a view. These #baldcapes can be used as a visual signature and the view does not need to be spectacular. Baldscapes that take advantage of the light so the bald head appears in an interesting light are deemed to be the best ...

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Baldscape founder @nickcmarr “ baldscape has been a true #internetsensation a global #socialmedia viral. Discovered by #ladbible It’s been uniting #baldguys and #baldwomen since 2016! So what exactly is a baldscape? According to #wikipedia A baldscape is a form of #selfie in which a portion of a #bald #head is seen in the picture or film 🎥 The practice of baldscaping evolved from bad selfies, and has spread on the internet, becoming a trend on social media. We look forward to 2020 with ...

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