Denver Colorado baldscape

A magnificent view creating a beautiful # baldscape by @baldieboo #inspirational #mantras to follow ・・・
A few years ago I met with my friend @thejapaneselantern for a spiritual healing session. At the end, she gave me some mantras that I still use to this day when my anxiety starts to spike. Thought I’d share them here in case it helps anyone else struggling in this moment. Spirit can be replaced with anything that makes you feel at ease — nature, angels, god, earth, the moon, or anything else that helps you feel more at peace.⁣

✨I feel anxious, but I’m allowing spirit to take my anxieties away. I feel depressed, but spirit is here to bring joy into my life. I feel like I’m not good enough, but I far more than enough. I feel unlovable, but I’m so loved by all. I feel like I lose the things I love, but spirit is here to keep all the things I love in my life. I trust the flow of my life, spirit help me find my joy. ✨⁣

I like to start my day by saying these phrases and thinking about things I’m grateful for. With all the pain in the world right now, it helps me reset each morning and start the day in a much better mental state. ⁣

Hope everyone is staying safe and sound. Holding you all in my heart so very tight! 🖤#baldwomen #baldwomenrock #baldbeauty #baldwomenrock #baldfemale #alopecia #alopecianbeauty