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What is a Baldscape?


A new kind of Selfie

Baldscape is a term created by baldy Digital Entrepreneur Nick Marr that describes the practice of including a little bit of a bald head in an image or video. The inclusion of the baldy head in the image is normally done so the top of the bald head is in view creating a moon like illusion. The plural of this activity is called Baldscapping i.e. I am going Baldscapping or I want to add a Baldscape to the image. I am a Baldscapper is a descriptive term for this past time

How did Baldscapping  start?

Nick Marr Baldscapper

Nick Marr started Baldscapping from bad selfies

I am really bad at taking selfies and I consistently included a little bit of my shining baldy shaven head in my photos, my slap head made the view a little more interesting and become like my signature. Now Baldies all over the world are joining in on social media with #baldscape! Nick Marr

Why Baldscape?

For those that take Selfies very badly this is the opportunity to share with the world a little bit of you. The baldies of the world can instantly create a visual signature on all their videos and photos. Friends and family will say “I recognise that chrome dome in that photo” Giving fun and laughter to the masses at the same time of showing the world you were actall there witnessing that view. No two bald heads are the same and like a fingerprint your Baldscape is as good as DNA. The truth is all Baldcappers are different and why they participate in this past time of Baldcapping is as different as the unique people that undertake Baldscapping. What motivates one Baldcapper may not motivate another. One thing is for sure these people love to take photos and create videos and to share what they have seen.

Where to Baldscape

NightClub Baldscape

There is no hard and fast rules when it comes to where you should Baldscape . When you want to Baldscape just do it! Baldcappes that include a view behind can be interesting no matter where. The inclusion of a slap head or chrome dome will always serve to enhance the image or video. Taking a baldcape with a fantastic view has to be done sensitively, too much baldy head and you may detract fro th view itself. Too little bald head and people wont know its your signature and will not apprecaite the lengths you have gone to Baldscapping. So whether its a nightclub or fantastic bit of scenery go ahead add your Baldscape to the website and we will distribute it to the world #Baldscape

Baldscape in action

Let the light improve your Baldscapes

Social Media and Baldscapping

To find more Baldscapes use #Baldscape in social media on Twitter, Facebook. Instagram Youtube and Pinterest


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