Baldscape – Bald Head Selfies

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The Thinking Man – Baldscape or Modern Art in Washington

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Art is evolutionary, in that it responds to the times but it doesn’t improve.” —John Currin  #baldscape is a new kind of selfie or is it modern art? Taken at Deer Park which is a city in Spokane County, Washington, United States


Baldscape Art – The Thinking Man

The darkness upon the ‪#‎bald‬ head create a profile that is almost mysterious. Modern art that should be in the‪#‎tate‬ galleryFor most of the 20th century, in Western Art, the discussion of “modern painting” largely ignored figurative works in favor of the significant avant-garde movements—from Cubism to Minimalism—that embraced abstraction. Only a few movements to include figuration (like Surrealism and Pop) would make their way into “high art” discourse until roughly the 1980s, when figurative painting returned with a vengeance, in particular via the works of Neo-Expressionist artists like Julian Schnabel and Jean-Michel Basquiat.

American painter John Currin intertwines the beautiful and grotesque with equal measure in his caricatures of lusty, doe-eyed female figures often portrayed in gross proportions that both enchant and repel. Drawing on a broad range of cultural influences from Renaissance oil paintings to 1950s women’s magazine ads and contemporary politics, his work is notable for its mix of technical virtuosity with mash-ups of high and low culture.

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