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St Pancras Ghostly Haunted Baldscape

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Baldscape St Pancras London

This ghostlike Baldscape was captured in the heart of central London in the UK at Hotel located at St Pancras International Hotel.

St Pancras Station was opened in 1868 and is one of the wonders of Victorian engineering. Along with the former Midland Grand Hotel, it is a masterpiece of Victorian Gothic Architecture and one of the most elegant stations in the World. It has recently been refurbished to accommodate international train services; its history is a remarkable tale of decay, restoration and spectacular rebirth.

Construction of the deck extension resulted in new excavations within the area of the St Pancras burial ground. It was not known whether any burials survived the original construction of the St Pancras Branch tunnel and viaduct however an area of intact interments were discovered.

Ghostly goings on

During the works a total of 1302 burials were recorded three dimensionally and 699 were removed for osteological analysis. The results of this analysis revealed diseases such as syphilis as well as endemic poor dental health. Preservation of wooden coffins, metal coffin fittings and human bone was exceptional.

The very recent re-opening of the resplendent St Pancras Renaissance Hotel has blind-sided and dealt a sucker-punch to all, especially at a time where we’re being told to respect restraint and shrink from avarice. Well, obviously someone didn’t get the memo. The Sir George Gilbert Scott Gothic Revival ‘magnus opus’, with its Hogwarts-style steeples and gargoyles, has stood for over 150 years as a reminder of Victorian assertiveness and potency.

Burial clothes, as well as textile linings and covers for coffins were also found, with the remains of floral tributes surviving in two cases. Documentary research showed that the cemetery included a number of refugees who fled the French Revolution. Five of the excavated coffins held French clergymen, two of whom were prelates. Arthur Richard Dillon, the last Archbishop of Narbonne, and Pierre Augustin Godart de Belbeuf, the last Archbishop of Avranches. Both have been repatriated to France with Archbishop Dillon returned in 2007 and reinterred in Narbonne Cathedral with great ceremony.

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