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Prague like you never seen it before 4 headed Baldscape!

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Its a Foursome! Baldscape!

Sure, everyone’s heard of  Prague, tourist pictures of the castle and clock. Maybe some lads and girl parties photos but none like this #BALDSCAPE. However the creator managed to get in four baldy heads in the shot is an amazing feet. Look at those lads heads no doubt some will have been enjoying a manly night out in Prague.

Cuba meets Czech Republic – La Bodeguita del Medio Praha

The location of this masterpiece is a Lively, Cuban-style venue with a bar turning out rum cocktails, plus a global menu & live music. in Kaprova 19/5, 110 00 Praha, Czech Republic. 


but it’s still a grand city with extraordinary historic and cultural sights, and it’s definitely worth a visit. The often-rebuilt Prague Castle has overlooked the city since the 9th century, and the synagogues and cemetery of the Jewish Quarter are must-sees. Nightlife here is diverse and plentiful, from trendy clubs to sophisticated wine bars to late-night cellar bars.

Prague’s bar and club scene is as appropriately raucous as its infamy suggests. Prices and clientele veer widely from the tourist-filled Old Town haunts to the sometimes slightly seedy neighbourhood bars. You will find that beer is drunk morning, noon and night, and that Czech beers are among the best and cheapest in the world. Brands to look out for include Pilsner Urquell, Gambrinus, Staropramen and Budweiser (Budvar). The average wage for bar staff is low, so please, after having your drinks and your fun, show some appreciation with a decent tip.

The Old Town Hall with the famous Prague Astronomical Clock. The winding lanes of the Jewish Quarter, which you know from the novels of Franz Kafka, steeped in the legend of the Golem. Cafes enticing you to come and have a seat, boutiques and sight-seeing cruises on the Vltava

Creator is Mr Ben Paul


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