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Gadget Show Jason Bradbury in Baldscape

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The Gadget Show Live Jason Bradbury

The Gadget Show Live Jason Bradbury

The Gadget Show Live has been taking place for several years now and one of its most distinctive TV presenters has got to be Baldy headed Jason Bradbury. The exhibition taking place this year at NEC Birmingham  was a geeks paradise with hundreds of exhibitors and live events its second to none as a tech heaven in the UK. There was a theme this year with tech that seemed to revolve around Drones and Virtual Reality. Both pieces of technology advancing quickly as demand soars.

Gadget Show Super Theatre

Bald Celebs

A must to attend is the show that takes place within the exhibition, its an hour long live show overflowing with tech, will see the presenters of the Channel 5 Gadget Show show take to the stage, showcasing and testing the very best technology on the market. This unmissable experience is teeming with first class stunts, opportunities for audience participation and chances to win some of the latest, most sought after technology on the high street.

Bald Celeb Jason Bradbury


Jason Bradbury was born on April 10, 1969 in Birmingham, aWest Midlands, England as Jason Alan Bradbury. He is a one of Baldscapes best loved Bald Celebs mainly because he looks like he can have a good laugh. He is the writer and producer, known for The Gadget Show (2004),Gross! (2004) and The Big Breakfast (1992). He has worked as a TV presenter and producer on hundreds of shows in a career spanning almost twenty years. When it comes to gadgets, science and all things tech, Jason is a force of nature. His own inventions, which include the world’s first working jet-powered hoverboard, have become legendary with viewers of The Gadget Show. He is also a private pilot and is licensed to build transmitters by the Home Office. Jason is an avid collector of exotic tech. His prize possessions include a mint-condition Sinclair C5 and his current favourite gadget, the Easy Glider – a skateboard-towing electric drive wheel. He owns several robots, including dancing bi-pedal, UAVs that fly and an Automower.

Jason is described as a complete adrenaline junkie, Jason is a six-time world record holder. His records include the world’s fastest jet-powered luge, world’s fastest water powered car and world’s longest jump with an RC car.

What happened to other Gadget Show presenters?


The show has had some ups and downs with the public suddenly missing some of its favourite presenters.

Wolverhampton-born TV star Suzi Perry today admitted she is still recovering after being axed from her long-term role as presenter of The Gadget Show.The former Smestow School pupil said she found her recent stint hosting The Gadget Show Live at Birmingham’s NIA a bittersweet experience, and said she would miss her co-star Ortis Deley terribly.


Jason looking good in Bald


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The Gadget Show on TV

Gadget Show Competitions

Attending the Gadget Show Live is a must if you are addicted to competitions where top tech is on offer.ompetitions from The Gadget Show on Channel 5. The Gadget Show is a weekly focus on all that is new and interesting in the world of gadgets, consumer electronics and technology. As part of the show The Gadget Show regularly offers fabulous TV competitions to win awesome technology bundles and top of the range gadgets. You can see a top list of the latest prizesand how to enter the competitions

Jason Bradbury White Glasses

Jason Bradbury

Jason wears the Fletcher by Mykita from the No.2 Sunglasses range.  These frames are actually sold as Sunglasses but thanks to a Re-glazing / Lens Replacement service, Jason wears these as prescription glasses.

Facts about Jason the bald head presenter and Geek!

Jason Bradbury tech geek

Jason the geek early adopter tech loving baldy

“The Battlefield 3 simulator has to be one of our greatest moments. The tech on the thing was worth about £400,000. Multiple projectors, a 360 degree treadmill and real paintball guns firing in sync with wrap-around enemies coming from all sides of a huge dome! And Andy McNab!!!”

Rumours always persist about Jason Bradbury and Suzi Perry and if Jason and Pollyanna Woodward are dating who knows, what we do know is that he has one of the most famous UK TV bald heads!


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