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Aulanko Finland Scenic Baldscape

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Stunning ‪#‎baldscape‬ in ‪#‎finland‬ taken at Aulanko a popular destination with visitors for more than a hundred years. Nowadays, there is a lot to see in‪#‎Aulanko‬ Nature Reserve, in addition to the beautiful scenery. The forest park of Aulanko, its sights, and the view from the scenic lookout tower of Aulangonvuori Hill over the national landscape attract more than 400 000 visitors every year. The area is best suitable for day trips.
The forest park of Aulanko has had a significant impact on the Finnish park culture. Nowadays, Aulanko area belongs to the first National Urban Park in Finland (www.hä ‪#‎Baldscaping‬ by Timo Sukupolvi
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