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Baldscape Youtube Creating a Baldscape by Nick Marr

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Baldscape is a new kind of selfie

#Baldscape  is a new kind of #selfie I demonstrate  how  simple it is to create a visual signature .uses his #iphone6 to take a video of this #wakeboard centre in#surrey England. Anyone with a #baldy head can take a baldscape.

In fact baldies from all over the world are now using #self-portrait mode#cellphones #smartphone #cameras to make this new kind of selfie.


The term baldscape came into use after an image taken by Nick Marr, marketing officer for a real estate company, in which his face was cut off, and only the back of his shaven head appeared. Marr soon realized the potential of such type of photography, and the artistic component involved. In baldscape pictures, an increased amount of landscape is visible, hence, Marr dubbed the practice “baldscaping”.[2] Going with the idea, Marr started taking baldscapes on various different locations worldwide, depicting famous monuments and landmarks.

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