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5 British Members of Parliament That Baldscape

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I want to urge British MPs that to change all their existing past times and to take up Baldscaping. The hobby is perfectly safe and will never ever lead to scandals . MP Keith Vaz would have avoided all his problems with his huge scandal, Duncan Smith, William Hague, Chuka Umunna and George Osborne could all win greater popularity by the new kind of selfie


Keith Vaz a perfect shaped bald head would make a great Baldscape. No more bored weekends for Mr Vaz get your selfie stick out find a great place and make your photos famous


Duncan Smith  who lives in a country house  Swanbourne, Buckinghamshire has an ideal location to create Baldscapes with a stunning view. Duncan Smith has been reported to support both Tottenham Hotspur, where he holds a season ticket, and Aston Villa. Baldscapes from the terraces and in parliament would bring Duncan to the people

.Chuka-Umunna baldscape

Chuka Umunna writes articles for the Financial Times, Tribune, The Voice, The Guardian and the New Statesman, and appears on various radio and television programmes as a commentator One thing he does not do is Baldscape. Come on Chuka get out there and create a stunning Baldscape

, Baldscape William-Jefferson-Hague-baldscape

Willian Hague, who practises judo, has a keen interest in music, learning to play the piano and an enthusiast for the natural history and countryside of Yorkshire. He is not known for selfies or photography, so we urge Mr Hague to mix it up and get that beautiful chrome dome some extra exposure with a baldscape

]bald head

Finally George Osborne MP popularity has taken a steep nose dive. A great way to get back in favour with the common people is to share a baldscape

MPs all suffer with popularity problems could this be a new way to release their tension, get in touch with the common people and win some extra votes!

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